To Whom It May Concern @ Royal Family Kids’ Camp,

So many months have now passed since the camp for needy
kids took place last August, and I have wanted to write so many
times, but the life of a social worker can be a distracting
journey. My heart is filled with an overwhelming amount of
gratefulness for the amazing, week-long experience you created
for four of the children on my caseload, and a total of eight
children from our agency.

When the children returned from camp,
so many of the things they shared with me touched me deeply.
They loved the collective birthday party, which I found to be a
wonderful idea since in moving from foster home to foster home,
so many of their birthdays go uncelebrated. They loved getting
dressed up for the tea party and experiencing a bit of
sophistication. A few of them went for a “polar swim” with a
counselor in the early hours of the morning, which I thought
was a great example to give them, teaching them to experience
intense fun and a rush of emotion with an innocent activity
rather than through drugs or alcohol. They all returned feeling
so loved and cared for by their counselors — two to one is
an incredibly generous ratio — and everyone wants to return next year.

But it is now that I am writing because, as I sat in the
bedroom of one the “hard to reach” boys with whom I work, I
saw that he had put up the framed quote from the Bible that
you had given him, reminding him that he is special and he is
loved. I don’t know where he had had it between August and now,
but apparently, in the darkness of these winter months, he
needed to be reminded.

The gifts you give for these extremely needy children are
unbelievable. Whether it is the self-esteem that you build, or
the new experiences you offer, or merely the attention that is
given during that week in August, the camp provides longlasting
effects that change these children forever. Thank you
for being a part of the lives of these foster kids, children
that are so often forgotten by the rest of society.
— Joy Gribble - Social Worker, Oakland, CA

Please accept our deepest appreciation for all the hundreds of hours, the hard work and the dedication of everyone involved in Royal Family KIDS Camps. Our agency is privileged to be able to work with such a quality project.
— Judy Willot - Community Resource Program Manager, Children and Family Services, Dept, of Social and Health Services, Bremerton, WA, USA

As a foster parent, I have seen the tremendous need these children have for positive attention and the effect one person can have on their very fragile lives...[and] how truly moved the parents of these children were by the attention that had been focused on their children.
— Carole D. Clements - Foster Parent