We love those who protect the welfare of children!

Over the years we have discovered a couple of things about social workers. They are overworked and underpaid. These are some of the most dedicated, hardworking, compassionate people we know and they deserve to be appreciated.


How we work with local councils and social services

Because of our cordial and prolonged relationships with many social services offices internationally, the staff and volunteers of Starfish Kids Camps have a deep respect and admiration for the people who make up social services.

They provide so much for children in need, saving lives when young people are rescued from abusive environments.

It is our desire to support and serve social services in this important task. Starfish Kids Camp is  designed to promote the welfare of children whom social services have stepped in to protect. We do that through local churches and faith based communities providing summer camps where children are safe, encouraged to have loads of fun and are supported to be themselves. The camps are considered “opt-in” by foster parents and are offered free of charge for the children to attend the program.

Got Questions?

Questions can be answered by the local church sponsoring the camp in its area. The national staff of The Starfish Alliance is also willing to help, including providing references from other social services agencies or more information about the camps. Call us anytime at 07453 191247 or email us at info@starfish.org.uk.

My first real encounter with one of our Social Workers came through a phone call after I returned from my second year of camp. Her name was Marnie and she started the conversation like this, “What did you do to Jonathan at camp?” Being a young pastor I responded very wisely, “What do you mean… what did I do to Jonathan at camp?” Marnie was surprised. She offered, “you don’t know Jonathan’s story?”

Jonathan had some serious problems before coming to Camp. Marnie filled me in, explaining that he had been in therapy since he was three years old. He was full of anger, out of control, foul-mouthed, and he had attempted suicide multiple times. Jonathan had been in seven foster homes, and his current foster parents — longing to adopt him — were losing hope because they couldn’t control him. How can you pack that much junk into an eight-year-old?

Marnie went on to tell me about Jonathan’s therapy session after returning from Camp. The therapist couldn’t believe the difference! Jonathan’s attitude and behavior had completely turned around, and the therapist wanted to know what had happened since Jonathan’s last session. Marnie told him that he had attended a week-long summer Camp.

The therapist wanted to know what we did at Camp that caused such a remarkable change, so Marnie called me to find out. “What happened at Camp?” I told her exactly what we did. “We simply loved him.”

So for Marnie and a thousand others like her out there. Thank You.

Thank you for going the extra mile in your car or on the phone or in your office.
Thank you for showing up in the midst of pain and misery of chaotic families and remaining focused and calm.

On behalf of the smallest and most innocent, Thank You.
— Glenn Garvin, V.P. of Camps