what does a week at starfish kids camp look like?

The fun begins on Monday morning when caregivers and the young campers come along to registration. After receiving their camp goodies, the young people join the Starfish team and play games until everyone is ready to go!  Once everyone has registered, we board the bus and head for camp, where we will be greeted by our BIGS (adult volunteers assigned to the campers)! 

Each day at camp will start off with dip in the pool (for all those early risers!) followed by breakfast, breakfast club (fun, games, singing and dancing!), day time activities, lunch, snacks and rest time (who wouldn't need a little rest after so much excitement!). Each evening will hold unique special events such as a carnival, a talent show, The Royal Ball and a huge birthday party for everyone!  At Friday lunch time, the young people will return to the registration location for a short program and to be reunited with their caregivers.

Pool Time!!

Pool Time!!

who pays for camp?

Starfish Kids Camp comes at no cost to the campers, their carers, or to local councils.  Our camps are sponsored by local Christian churches of various denominations, and also by donations from individuals, businesses and grants.

who can apply to be a camper?

To be eligible to attend Starfish Kids Camp, the young person must be 7 to 11 years old and a looked-after child or a child who has been affected by abuse. An application must be filled out and returned to begin the process. To download the form click here,  or If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email.